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i need help idk what to do my gf is really suicidal and shes been trying to commit suicide this week i try to help her but it seems like nuthin helps im scared if losing her i feel like imma lose her i love her but she keeps on saying shes sorry if she doesn't answer cause she keeps sayin shes gonna commit suicide i feel im not enough and i dont want to lose another gf because oft his idk what to do?

Asked by Anonymous

tell her parents what’s going on and have her see a counselor. ASAP

What's the silliest thing you did because you're jealous? haha. You two ever given each other the silent treatment? :D

Asked by Anonymous

um, probably just get mad and argue about a person for an hour and then i’m over it haha

What is PINK ?

Asked by Anonymous

a Victoria Secret store

Which one of your is more sensitive? Like who cries more easily or gets upset more easily

Asked by Anonymous

probably me xP

So far i really like video "the girlfriend test and whats in my mouth", although you always lose but you're still my favorite number one and i love you alyssa and i hope you happy forever with brittany :) (sorry for my bad english)

Asked by Anonymous

thank you! hahaha thanks :)

First, you are soo pretty omg, &i really like your hair. You & Brittany are definitely my favorite couple on youtube! Your videos have made me laugh & smile when I really needed it.. do you have any advice on how to get over an ex? My girlfriend recently broke up with me, I still have feelings for her.. looking foreward to your next video! c:

Asked by Anonymous

thank you so so much! Basically you have to deal with the fact that it’s over and just try to move on. I would start a hobby or just something to distract you from thinking of her.

When you met your britt was on omegle text or video? ...

Asked by Anonymous

it was video 

Who is your favorite singer ? :) Who is your favorite actress ? :)

Asked by julie-soares

favorite singer? Hayley Williams, favorite actress Amber Heard.

How can you communicate to your an amazing girlfriend's deaf parents? Why are you so quiet and your girlfriend just crazy as hyper!? haha... I'm deaf! I LOVE YOUR VIDEO AND THAT'S MAKE MY DAY! YOU GUYS AWESOME GIRLS IN THE WORLD! keep up in your relationship! :D

Asked by jyguo1

I kind of just enunciate and spell some things out in sign and I don’t know haha we’re just different I guess. I love that we make your day! thank you for watching!!!!

every day I laugh at the asks. how people continue to ask the same questions thinking you will one day (maybe tomorrow) give the answer. hope you are well and have a wonderful week.

Asked by jof

oh i laugh at them too, trust me. haha. Hey I hope you are well and you have a wonderful week too! Thanks!

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Okay how old r u and brittany combined like what 38 so ur both 19

Asked by Anonymous


You are very cool! And what are five of your favorite thing about Brittany? not physical wise because y'all are both very beautiful!

Thank you ;) I love everything about her. I love the way she talks, the way she laughs, I love how considerate she is of other people’s feelings, I love the way she thinks and I love her personality.

I just wanted to say you and Brittany are my favorite couple of all time. I look up to the both of you. You guys give me courage and hope. I'm very depressed but when I watch your videos I know that things can get better, your videos ease the pain and not a lot of people and or things can do that so thank you. Honestly if I didn't discover you and Brittany on YouTube I'd probably still be a self-harmer, or things could of got worse. Thanks to you and Brittany everyday my life gets better. So Thx

Asked by Anonymous

Aw, that means a lot. Thank you! I’m glad things are getting better for you. I hope they continue to get better and better!

Do you have wish go to college someday

Asked by Anonymous

Definitely :)