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You and brittany are so cute together. I just melt whenever I watch one of your videos. You both are gorgeous and have incredible fashion sense. Do you guys think that anytime soon you'll make more than one video a week?

Asked by lillard15

thank you so much and we probably won’t have time to do more than one a week.

I wanted to tell Brittany that we actually have a dead girl on our basketball team and it's an amazing experience to play with her.

Asked by Anonymous

a dead girl?

I personally find it hilarious watching people try to figure out your age :'D why does it even matter though you guys are together because you love each other and you're literally the cutest couple ever, seriously I don't get why people care so much

Asked by Anonymous

yeah, seriously. no idea.

I love you're smile !! *_*

Asked by el-sanaaa

thank you!

where do you work ?

Asked by Anonymous


I like when you said "whats in my mouth, bitch" hahaha I laughed a lot.i always watching your videos and it makes me want to meet you two someday haha, love yaa :)

Asked by sayceees

hahahaha thank you xD come meet us! 

Can we get a picture of Brittany when she played basketball?

Asked by Anonymous


I love how everyone is freaking about how old you guys are and I'm just over here, freaking out about cute Miko was in your last video ;)

Asked by ajfearless96

hahahahahaha thank you, she’s so stinkin cute.

I am very happy so to wish you a happy life with brittany ♥

Asked by el-sanaaa

thank youuuu!

Would you mind to make a video with your fans one day?

Asked by sayceees

we would love to!

hi aly! you and britt are adorable I love your videos, I laugh a lot seeing "what is in my mouth" I love it! you are incredible together is good to see sooo many love between you girls, well greetings from Venezuela! big fan! MORE VIDEOSS!!

Asked by krismarhdz

hi! thank you sososo much.we will definitely keep making videos! we really enjoy it. 

Baby alyssa. Hahahaha. You're so cute.

Asked by Anonymous

haha thanks xP

I think You're absolutely right about the fact of not to want to say a lot of your personal life on internet. So many people say too much on them ! and they don't know that is dangerous in some way... and it's your life ! 😊

Asked by guyguy34

thank you so much for understanding. some people just give away everything.

heeey you and britt plays instruments right? Will you make a video about that soon? Please! <3

Asked by Anonymous

we do and we might ;)

Hi Ali, I'm from Chile, I just discovered your videos on youtube, they are great. They make a very sweet couple, keep it up! Would be great that Chile were as open of mind as in your country :( Greetings! PD: I speak Spanish, so I expect you to forgive my mistakes of English x)

hello! thank you so much. we will keep it up! I wish as well. and no problem, you did very well!