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Alyssa? <3 :)

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Is Miko male or female?

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If you go to college someday, what major you choose

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something with music

your cute

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Thanks on the tip about the boards Alyssa ! (; Hoping I can get a noble board in the future! do you know if they ship their products overseas? Hope you had a nice day (;

Asked by Anonymous

that would be awesome and i’m not sure! find them on instagram and ask :) tell em brittandalyss sent you ;P

Hey,(being generic is eminent) I think you and obvs Brittany are wicked cool. Cliché over and out.

Asked by tanzie123

thank you :)

what would you respond to this anon: You sick, ugly, disgusting, cunt loving, menstrual blood drinking lesbian freak you are a disgrace to your family. No wonder they wish you were dead.. no parent wants their daughter to be a sick cunt loving lesbian retard like you. They cry themselves to sleep every single night for having you and hope you would die so you dont embarrass them anymore. Kill yourself you sick fuck and make them happy once in your pathetic life. Choke on menstrual blood you love

i would say thanks. :)

Love ur videos. So who said "I love u" first? Who kissed who first?

Asked by Anonymous

brittany said i love you first and i kissed her first

Hey Alyssa! What kind off skate boards would you recommend for beginners? I'm really interested in getting one. Thanks!(;

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for beginners? you can always start with a cheaper board because it’s probably gonna get messed up and you don’t wanna spend a lot of money on something you’re just starting. i would look on they have some good stuff for cheap. 

How soon is too soon to give someone your number?? :)

Asked by brittneyh21

i gave brittany mine the first night i met her

Best wishes! happy anniversary! You are a beautiful couple! ♥♥♥♥ i love you! ♥♥♥

thank yoU!

What's up Alyssa ! Just wondering How long has it been since you and Brittany started skate-boarding? (;

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um i started when i was like 6 and Brittany when she was a teen

Hiiiiii!! Just dropping by to say a BIG THANK-YOU 💕 to you and Brittany for making videos for us! I know you two are busy with your own lives and would love to spend time w each other more instead . So, Thank-you very much! Xoxo

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thank you for watching and being understanding :(


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im very excited :)

I finally found you here.. Lol

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