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You look like Hayley Williams 😏💕

Asked by Anonymous

thank you ;) I know I don’t but I’ll take that :)

if you want more pictures and fun stuff of us follow this page! :) @realbrittandalyss

What would u do if Someone stole you girl.

Asked by Anonymous

shoot them with a lazer

Alyssa is 14 Britt is 34. :D

Asked by Anonymous

ahahah that would be awful

Hii do u have a picture with Hayley W. Or u havent meet her in person ? LUV YAH ur so cute love ur smile

Asked by karen14ever

i do. it’s on my Facebook 

How years old you have?

Asked by Anonymous

um about 34029348

have you guys been to cincinnati ? what do think of the city?

Asked by Anonymous

ooh, i love it. i’ve only been once though. but the ghetto is pretty scary…

Do you guys live together?

Asked by Anonymous


Do you ever watch Orange is the new black? If yes, Do you like Piper and Alex or Piper and Larry?

Asked by Anonymous

piper and alex of course even though alex is so bad…

Where you & Brittany together for your first valentines day together?

brittany came to see me

My friends and familiy call me Miko.

Asked by Anonymous


What's keeping you, girl? Its been a while since we hear from you. -R

Asked by Anonymous

work, sleep, brittany, my mom, my life, food, miko, responsibilities. 

Anonymous says hi.

Asked by Anonymous

alyssa says sup

Please search and listen Magic-Rude , I don't know I just want you know that song its good and easy listening.i hope you like it :)

Asked by sayceees

they play it on the radio 24/7 here

Hello happy anniversaryfor both of you!! Oh my gosh you and brittany are such a cutiee. I just wanna put you in a box and take you home. Hahahaha i love you both so muchhh ;))))

Asked by Anonymous

hahahahaha that would be a big box xD